Sahana actress dead, Mysterious death of a 21-year-old actress on her birthday

Mysterious death of a 21-year-old actress on her birthday

In the state of Kerala, a 21-year-old actress mysteriously died in her home, causing great shock and emotion.

Sahana is from Kozhikode, Kerala. She is a famous model and actress. She starred in many jewelry promotional movies. Her husband Sajit. Sajjid, who has been working in Qatar, has been with his wife for the past few months.

Sajjit and Sahana have been renting a house in the Kozhikode Bazaar area these days. Sahana celebrated her 21st birthday yesterday. Later, the local police were informed that Sahana was hung from the window of her home at 11 pm yesterday.

The police arrived at the scene and confiscated Sahana’s body and sent it for an autopsy. The police are also investigating the case of Sahana’s husband, Sajid, today.

Sahana’s cause of death is expected to be revealed in the inquest and autopsy report. The police suspect that the murder may have occurred as a result of frequent arguments between Sahana and Sajjid.

Meanwhile, Sahana’s parents and brother claimed that Sahana’s death was not a suicide, but a murder committed by her husband Sajjid. Sahana and Sajjit have been married for a year and a half. Sahana’s mysterious death caused great shock and shock.