Salem oregon mass shooting today – supermarket mass shooting now – active shooter

WTF? Another mass shooting, this time in Salam, Oregon!

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About 400 community members gathered at the Oregon State Capitol on Sunday and marched through downtown Salem to denounce the possible removal of federal protections for abortion.

Salem participated in dozens of similar events in major U.S. cities that marked the end of a week of nationwide protests defending abortion rights. The event is the second annual Defending Roe Rally organized by Pro-Choice with Heart, which claims it fights for reproductive rights.

The rallies were in response to a leaked draft opinion on abortion that showed the U.S. Supreme Court may be close to overturning the landmark Roe v. Wade’s 1973 law established the constitutional right to abortion.

“Roy was horribly wrong from the start,” Associate Justice Samuel Alito wrote in the leaked draft, which the Supreme Court later upheld. “We think Roe and Casey need to be overthrown.”

According to the draft opinion, the issue of abortion will be left to individual states.

Community members marched in defense of abortion rights during the Defend Roy rally in Salem on Sunday.
Alicia Baker said she was disgusted but not surprised to hear of the leaked documents.

“I just had to get out there and do something,” Baker said.

Over the weekend, more than 100 people gathered at Salem Riverside Park to protest the possible removal of federal abortion protections. A small fire started Sunday in an alleged burglary attempt at Kaiser’s office in Oregon’s Right to Life.

Around noon on Sunday, parishioners of all ages gathered at the Capitol amid cloudy skies and rain, holding signs that read “Banners on our bodies” and “Our bodies are our choices” and directed their attention to passing vehicles. Waving. Before protesters began marching through downtown Salem, some shared abortion experiences and thoughts.