Salma Hayek revealed that she suffered from COVID-19; his life was at risk

The COVID-19 does not distinguish social class, gender or economic situation, The virus is lethal in people of any kind and many celebrities who have been infected know it, for that reason they have decided to share their experience.

Salma Hayek revealed that she suffered from COVID-19; his life was at risk

One of them is the Mexican Salma Hayek, who revealed that she suffered from COVID-19 In this time of pandemic, for which he lived a tough battle against the disease and even his life was at risk.

The Mexican actress decided to give an interview to Variety, where she explained that contracted COVID-19 early in the pandemic, his health was complicated and he was about to reach a hospital bed.

“My doctor begged me to go to the hospital because I was very sick,” Hayek told the publication.

“I said, ‘No, thank you. I’d rather die at home, ‘”Salma explained in the interview, adding that alternative treatments worked back then.

The actress spent seven weeks with severe COVID-19 symptoms

What’s more, Salma confessed that she spent seven weeks isolated at home and that they even put oxygen on her, as her symptoms worsened.

Now, Salma Hayek He returned to work on the Ridley Scott film “House of Gucci,” for which he has been intensively preparing in recent months.

Although several months have passed, Salma expressed that she still does not have the energy that she once hadThis is due to the consequences of COVID-19.

Salma Hayek is one of the celebrities who has publicly shared his experiences having fallen ill with covid-19 in the last year.