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A shooting at Rob Elementary School in Uwald, Texas, on Tuesday killed 14 children and a teacher, and the suspect has died, Gov. Greg Abbott confirmed.

The incident occurred in the Uwald Integrated Independent School District, about 85 miles west of San Antonio, WOAI reported.

Abbott also said the gunman had a pistol and possibly a rifle, according to the Associated Press.

Update, May 24, 5:22 p.m. ET: Abbott said in a news conference that the suspected gunman he previously identified as Salvador Ramos has been killed by responders, according to the Associated Press.

Who is Salvador Romas

White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre tweeted just after 5 p.m. President Joe Biden has been briefed on the shooting and will continue to monitor the situation.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott identified the 18-year-old suspect in the shooting as Salvador Ramos. The high school student was taken into custody just after 1 p.m. Local time and allegedly before he started elementary school, he killed his grandmother, KHOU reported.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday afternoon that 14 students and a teacher were killed in the shooting, according to the Associated Press.

At least two children were killed and more than a dozen injured in the incident, officials at Uwald Memorial Hospital said, according to ABC News.

Uwald Memorial Hospital said the two students who were killed were deceased on arrival, KSAT reported.

A 45-year-old was also hit by bullets, according to officials at Uwald Memorial Hospital, ABC News reported.

A 66-year-old woman is in critical condition, the university hospital said, according to the Associated Press.

The University Hospital has two patients, an adult and a child, who are being treated at the facility. Several students are also being treated there at Uwald Memorial Hospital, according to Kens. None of the hospitals stated why these people were admitted or their condition.

According to ABC News, school officials clarified that the shooting took place off campus, but the school is under lockdown.

The Uwald Police Department said the suspect of the gunman who prompted the blockade has been taken into custody.

ORIGINAL REPORT: The entire area is under lockdown due to shootings in the area, KENS reports.

There were no details about the injuries on campus, KSAT reported. But officials said all students were safe inside the building, WOAI reported.

A Uwald police dispatcher said the scene was still active, but no further information was available, The Associated Press reported.

Officials said on Facebook that once all students were counted, elementary school students would be taken to a local civic center to be reunited with their parents.