Salvador Ramos Grandmother dead, 18-year-old shooter who officials say killed his grandmother

Authorities are releasing information about the teenage gunman, who they say murdered 14 schoolchildren and a teacher in Uwald on Tuesday morning before killing his grandmother.

Salvador Rolando Ramos, 18, is the man police believe acted as the lone gunman in the Rob Elementary School incident, according to officials. He is believed to be armed with a pistol and possibly a rifle.

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Salvador Rolando Ramos, 18, reportedly shot and killed his grandmother, 14 students and a teacher at Robb Primary School in Uvalde. Two officers were also shot, but not seriously injured, officials said.

Officials said Ramos appeared to be from the town of Uwald, 85 miles west of San Antonio, and was born on May 16, 2004. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he was shot dead by authorities shortly after the shooting.

It’s not clear what Ramos’ motive was in the shooting, or if he had attended school before. The students currently enrolled in this school are second, third and fourth graders.

Ramos also shot his grandmother before heading to the elementary school, where he shot and killed 21 people, KSAT reported. He is believed to have been shot dead by responders at the scene, but an investigation is ongoing to determine the chain of events that led to the tragedy.

The two officers were reportedly shot, but nothing is expected. University health officials also confirmed that a 10-year-old girl and a 66-year-old woman are currently being treated at the University Hospital in critical condition.

President Joe Biden is expected to address the nation tonight (May 24) about the shooting, according to White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre.

“President Biden has been briefed on the horrific news about the Texas elementary school shooting and will continue to update regularly as information becomes available. His prayers are with the families affected by this horrific event,” she said.

It was the second fatal school shooting since the Sandy Hook tragedy in 2012, according to the Associated Press. Students and teachers are just days away from the last day of school scheduled for Thursday (May 26).