Who was Samantha Rabinowitz, the creator of Here For The Tea?, the youtuber has dead

The creator of the YouTube content for the American TV series called Here For The Tea has passed away. Her family also confirmed her death via social media on November 8, 2021, also known as Sam. Who is Sam, the creator of tea here? Meet the assumed family of a well-known online profile and explore the sad reactions of fans to her death. Here For The Tea is an online content creator who frequently reports on current dramas in the beauty industry.

According to reports, the user’s real name is Samantha Rabinowitz, but many of her fans are more familiar with Sam. Although her most recent video was uploaded two years ago, on her YouTube channel, Here For The Tea currently has 394,000 subscribers.

Sam has a large following on Instagram @hereforthetea2, with more than 134,000 users, and she has released the latest news about creator dramas and scandals.

Rabinowitz also has a makeup account called @hereforthemakeup2, with more than 23,000 fans and updated content around beauty and skin care. Except for her tea comments, Rabinowitz kept her personal life largely confidential and never shared her photos on her public social media pages.

On November 8, an account user named Lisa Greenspoon announced Sam’s death on the active social media account of Here The Tea. Greenspen referred to Samantha as her “little sister” and said that the creator had passed away peacefully in her sleep the day before. The statement implies that Sam died on Sunday, November 7, 2021.

Although Samantha Rabinowitz leads a private life, her so-called sister Lisa Greenspen is full of photos on her Instagram page. @lisagreenspoon shared the online content of various family members, and it is speculated that they are also related to “tea drinking”. The user had previously uploaded photos of her mother, who may be Samantha Rabinowitz’s parents.

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