Sapua Dam dead? whats happened? cause of death

The slogans of Odisha tourism – picturesque, serene, sublime – clearly embody the beauty of the Sabua Dam. The control reservoir is about 90 kilometers from Bhubaneswar, in the Hindol block of Dhenkanal district.

The building structure of this concrete barrier is serpentine. Even the current holding company name “Sapua” literally means “snake”.

The beauty of this dam is overwhelming. Every picnic attracts thousands of tourists.

The dam was originally a medium-sized irrigation project built by the Odisha Department of Water Resources on a local Nara River called “Sapua” in the Mahanadi Basin. This correlates with the naming of the reservoir “Sabuya Dam”. The dam was completed in 2006.

Once a restricted area, this area has now proven to be a top choice for tourists for camping, sightseeing and picnics. It is also surrounded by the adjacent dense lobby forest, giving it an edge.

“The frequency has increased in recent years, but there is a lack of basic facilities. The government should come forward and take the necessary precautions,” said Sydivia Behra, a local engineer with a university degree.

People from all over the state come here with their families to enjoy the beauty of this place and to pass the time.

Rajesh Behera, a cyclist from Dhenkanal city, said: “The Sabua dam is a good choice for adventurers. The government should fix the roads as they become very dangerous.”

As news of the beauty of this place spread, many adventurers rushed to the destination to get a glimpse of this ethereal place.