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Judge Judy has worked in television agencies for over 20 years. The stubborn, no-nonsense Brooklyn native sat behind the bench and passed the law while providing hours of reality-based entertainment for viewers in court. Judy Sheindlin will bring her brand of justice to a new series, Judy Justice on IMDB TV.

Joining her on her new TV journey is her granddaughter Sara Rose. Rose will make her debut in Judy Justice alongside Sheindlin, and audiences will witness who Sara Rose is and if the apple (the Big Apple) falls from the tree.

Rose will be the focal point for Judy Justice. Sitting to the right of her grandmother, Rose will work as a clerk on the reality show. In short, Sara will be Judy’s right-hand man. The position is an honor in itself, usually awarded to young law graduates who excel in their class. The position is considered very prestigious, and serving it alongside one of America’s most prominent television judges seems to sweeten the honor.

A family legacy is often a sense of pride that can be used to bond with family members in some way. Sarah Rose was born into a family of lawyers and was almost destined to join the judiciary. As a third-generation family attorney, Ross’ pedigree is deeply rooted in the law. Additionally, many of her siblings and one of her parents are lawyers. Suffice it to say that you don’t want to engage in any illegal activity in this particular household.

In addition to serving as her grandmother’s right-hand man, Sarah has also landed on the podium with her educational and legal skills to take care of businesses. Rose earned a BA in Communication Studies and a degree in Business Law from USC in 2019, and has the expertise to support her legendary grandmother in court, which is no small feat.