Sarah Fraisou leaked trending video shared on reddit and twitter

Sarah Fraisou: Victim of revenge p0rn, she changes the videos herself!

Money attracts a lot of greed. The stars know it! It often happens that they are blackmailed by videos taken without her knowledge or sometimes completely confidential. The last person to experience the pain is reality TV star Sarah Fresu. In her social network, the young woman exposed by “The prince of love” revealed that she was the victim of a blackmailer because of a video in which she twisted in bed in a bathing suit. Those photos that were supposed to be taken when she was single in 2018 now haunt her again.

The people behind the extortion reportedly demanded no less than € 50,000 in exchange for undisclosed images. But for Ahmed’s predecessor, it was impossible to succumb to blackmail. Therefore, he regretted that he decided to post these famous videos on his Instagram story.

Sarah Fraisou with the support of Internet users

Although embarrassed by the images she hoped she would never have to reveal, Sarah Fresso decided to fight blackmailers. Without offending the man who tried to blackmail her, the young woman cut the rug underneath her to reveal the video of her. An initiative to impress netizens, many of whom praised her bravery on social media.

“She has courage, it must be difficult to do it”, “I am not a fan of Sarah at all, but here I have to say that she has a lot of courage. Long live her strength, few women will have done it.” . “” It’s a shame for the person who did this, I salute her bravery, “you can read there. The message is clear: harassment and blackmail have no place on social media.

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