Sarah Juree leaked videos twitter and tiktok, Sarah Seales reddit photos

On Monday, Sarah Seales, also known as Sarah Juree, was fired from her teaching position in South Bend at the Department of Defense’s STARBASE program, after news broke that the teacher had performed a part-time gig on OnlyFans and posted full nude photos for her Buy.

MRandom News Sarah Juree leaked videos twitter and tiktok, Sarah Seales reddit photos

According to Real News Michiana, Juree promoted her OnlyFans page on her public social media accounts, under the username “Buttercup,” which she reportedly asked students to use for her.

A screenshot of Juree’s STARBASE profile from the outlet shows that she previously earned her undergraduate degree from Indiana University in South Bend and worked at Healthworks! Children’s Museum.
According to her LinkedIn profile, Juree started working at the South Bend STARBASE site in January 2016. The website was officially launched in March of the same year.

According to the Indiana STARBASE website, “DoD STARBASE students engage in challenging ‘hands-on, mental’ science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities. They interact with military personnel to explore careers and observe real-world STEM Application. The Starbase program in Indiana provides students with 25 hours of exciting experiences at military facilities in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, South Bend, and Gary Indiana.”

The program focuses on fifth graders, but also offers other programs for children in sixth, seventh and eighth grades. When Real News Michigan reporter Clifton French asked for comment, Juree said her site was “clean.” Pressing further, French explained that the account was full of nude photos and posted a photo that had been sent to him.

In response to this nude photo, Jolie said she would file a copyright lawsuit. She went on to bash the press and journalists on social media, writing on Instagram: “This guy is trying to fire me from my job as a teacher and shame me on all social media.”