Scott Davey Love after lockup dead? Whats happened? Passed away?

Love After Lockup star Scott Davey recently called Lizzie Kommes. Scott claimed that his predecessor tried to steal his identity and steal his information. Observers know that he spent a lot of money on her during their participation in the WEtv show. Did the previous felon try again?

MRandom News Scott Davey Love after lockup dead? Whats happened? Passed away?

According to the latest news from Love After Lockup celebrity Lizzie Kommes, she claimed that Scott Davey stole her identity and declared her under his tax in 2015. However, Scott tells a very different story. According to him, Lizzie was the one who tried to commit tax fraud.

According to Scott Davey (Scott Davey) recently, he said that Lizzie Kommes tried to use his mobile phone to file taxes in prison. At the same time, he added that she used his address – even trying to mortgage his house in prison. Of course, there are a lot of unresolved things between the predecessors of Love After Lockup.

Scott Davey and Lizzie Kommes have a complicated history of locked-in love. Lizzie has said in the past that she coaxed men out of prison for money. Moreover, during their role in “Love After Lockup”, most observers believed that Scott was just Lizzie’s latest scam.

Scott Davey said on Love After Lockup that he spent more than $90,000 on Lizzie Kommes when they were together. Moreover, he reiterated in a recent update that she “stole” him for three years. In his opinion, she is now making a sound, trying to “keep relevant” again—especially because none of them are current content.

It is worth noting that these are all back and forth accusations from estranged ex. Moreover, how much is true is anyone’s guess. However, according to Scott David, the matter is serious enough that he is considering prosecuting his ex-girlfriend.

On the surface, since kicking Scott Davey to the side of the road, Lizzie Kommes seems to have really changed her life. She lost weight, reconnected with her daughter, and recently even found a new man. In addition, she embraced her spirituality and even got a matching cross tattoo with her daughter.

However, if what Scott said is true, she may commit the crime again behind the scenes. At the same time, some love-in-lock observers believe that Scott may still be distressed by the way things ended between the two. Moreover, some followers even accused him of bringing all these allegations forward.

Either way, these are some serious allegations from the locked-in love actors. And, of course, it is worth paying attention to this situation to see if any new developments will emerge. At the same time, he must have said a lot, and she said to sort it out.

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