Scott Murray is dead, Online Fitness coach and Diet & training youtube – cause of death – Whats happened?

Online coach
šŸ„—Diet & training
šŸ”¬Backed by science

Derek’s most recent video on scott murray was real fucking enlightening on why you should get proper sleep daily. “just 1 day of being under-rested can significantly impact your ability to modulate blood pressure and you will be in a heightened state of stress”

I first started working out at school (around 13) as an overweight teen with a bad relationship with food and very unhappy with how I looked. Since then, due to my lack of knowledge at the time, I’ve lost weight too quickly, so it’s the exact opposite of what I used to be (underweight and still having a bad relationship with food).

Since then, I’ve made it a priority to research proven, evidence-based methods of building muscle and/or losing fat to ensure that what I’m doing is backed by science and 100% effective.

(25 years old)

As my passion for fitness and research grew during my teenage years, I decided to pursue a “vocation” by completing a Bachelor of Science in Health and Performance and to pursue my passion for nutrition and coaching by pursuing a Masters in Nutrition . Nutrition and Health, Diploma in Health Coaching and Certificate in Precision Nutrition.

I’ve experienced firsthand over the years which methods absolutely don’t work and which ones work, so I try to use all my mistakes to your advantage to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I do and many others theirs fitness journey.

Also, whether through coaching or social media, I want to use all the knowledge I have gained from my education to help other people who are also passionate about fitness and follow an evidence-based approach to building muscle to lose fat and lead healthy, active, and balanced lives Way.

Finally, in addition to maintaining my favorite social media platform (Instagram), I’m currently working on growing my online business, especially YouTube. I also invest a lot of time in researching and developing new products/content in the field, not only to further develop my own knowledge of the latest scientific literature available, but also to translate and put it into practice for you and others to help everyone Goals.