Scotty Kilmer dead? American YouTuber, author, and auto mechanic.

Scott Michael “Scotty” Kilmer is an American YouTube user, author, and auto mechanic. His eponymous YouTube channel Scotty Kilmer has more than 4 million subscribers and his videos have more than 1 billion views.

Scotty Kilmer was born on October 2, 1953 in Niagara Falls, New York. At the age of 14, he learned to be a mechanic from his grandfather Elmer Kilmer, the chief mechanic at the Texaco gas station owned by Scotty’s father . He studied for an undergraduate degree at York University, and then studied at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he received a master’s degree in anthropology. He was studying for a doctorate, but eventually resigned because his wife was pregnant with his child.

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On the advice of his wife, Kilmer wrote a book titled “Owners’ Guide to Buying Used Cars and Car Maintenance” in 1994, which was originally published in 1994.

Once released, Kilmer was on the front page of the “Houston Chronicle” and attracted the attention of the local CBS affiliate KHOU.

Before using YouTube, Kilmer had a TV show called Crank it Up with Scotty on KHOU. In this series, he showed the audience how to diagnose small automobile mechanical problems, put forward opinions on vehicle engineering, and provide solutions to low-key problems. In 2004, Crank It Up won the Regional Emmy Award for “Outstanding Interactivity”, and this Kilmer also won the Emmy Award for his “Best Interactive Car Talk Host”.

His YouTube channel is roughly the same, and he answers questions about automotive and the automotive industry, and provides advice. Kilmer usually uses his customer’s car in his videos as a point for comparison or other demonstrations with various products he uses as a mechanic.