MRandom News The leaked photos on Twitter and reddit of Selena Gómez and Chris Evans

The leaked photos on Twitter and reddit of Selena Gómez and Chris Evans

Selena Gomez and Chris Evans have drawn attention for their possible relationship. The protagonists of the Wizards of Waverly Square and “Captain America” ​​are the protagonists of a strong rumor, and rumors indicate that there is something more important than friendship between them. It all started with a statement from the Texas singer and actress, who said that she found Evans very handsome. “I like Chris Evans.

Its not cute? It’s so cute, “she said while watching the live broadcast with Andy Cohen. As a teaser, the host told her that the artist would love her. There is another element to the story: the Fantastic Four actors will soon begin to perform Follow her on Instagram It seems that this is not enough. Some photos appeared and posted on Twitter. It was obvious that the stars were in the same place, a recording studio, and then they were in a restaurant.

The 29-year-old Texan artist and the 41-year-old Boston heartthrob did not comment on the matter, but the social network caught fire due to a possible courtship between them. Netizens said they are a beautiful couple, and Selena will improve thanks to this new relationship, alluding to the stormy relationship between her and Justin Bieber for several years. It is said that they can work together on a project, or he can run with her on behalf of American actors.

Selena Gomez’s love story is well known, especially her relationship with Justin Bieber. She started dating in 2009 and had no intermittent until he started dating Hailey Baldwin. Till the date. The actress and singer also dated DJ Zedd, who couldn’t stand the media coverage, and singer Charlie Puth, who had a brief but intense relationship with her. In 20017, her partner The Weeknd accompanied her through the difficult period of a kidney transplant for 10 months. Obviously, this relationship has ended because she hasn’t gotten rid of Bieber. In 2020, she was in contact with NBA player Jimmy Butler who played for the Miami Heat.

Chris Evans is more cautious about her love story, in fact few people have been confirmed. He is reported to have dated Kate Bosworth, Christina Rich, Diana Agron and Lily Collins, but his most stable relationship is with his partner Jessica from 2001 to 2006. Bell. The actress fell in love with Justin Timberlake, who became her husband. He is Minka Kelly’s boyfriend, but after splitting up and returning from 2007 to 2015, they went in different directions. She met Jenny Slater while filming “The Genius Boy”. In 2016, they fell in love, rested and came back at the end of 2017, but decided to break up after 4 months.

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