Seven Hills shooting today: NSW Police Shoot Man Dead On Bulah Way – Now news

BREAKING NEWS: Police shoot a man dead in Sydney’s northwest home.

Police have shot a man dead after a “physical confrontation” in Seven Hills. Officers attended a Seven Hills home to investigate an outstanding warrant, where the confrontation ensued. CPR was conducted until paramedics arrived, but he could not be revived police say.

When a man was executing a search warrant in a house in northwestern Sydney, the police shot and killed him. The New South Wales Police said in a statement that the police were visiting a house on Bulah Way in Seven Hills at around 11:20 am on Tuesday, when “physical clashes” broke out.

NSW Police have shot dead a man at a Seven Hills home after a physical altercation. Police were conducting inquiries in relation to an outstanding warrant prior to the shooting. A number of streets around the scene are closed

Subsequently, the man was shot and killed by the police. The police performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation before the paramedics arrived, but he could not be resuscitated. The crime scene has been established. The New South Wales Police said in a tweet that as the investigation began, roads in the area are currently closed.

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