What Happened To Shakira Dd4l Gatlin Of Dancing Dolls For Life? is dead?

Shakira Gatlin, a member of the dance group Dancing Dolls for Life (DD4L), has passed away. she is 18. The dancer was reportedly shot. Her mother confirmed the news in an emotional post on Facebook.

What happened to Shakira Gatling of Dancing Dolls for Life (DD4L)?

According to Officer Jackson, her death occurred on Barnes Street in Jackson, United States of America. The incident reportedly occurred at around 8:50 p.m. on Thursday. According to a report on Wapt.com, Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham Stewart said when a “loaded handgun” was “roughly treated in the presence of others” , she was shot.

Police also questioned a teenage boy about the incident. Shakira Gatlin’s mother confirms her death. Her mother confirmed the news in an emotional post on Facebook.

Her mother Erica Robinson shared a photo of Shakira expressing her shock and anger at the photo and asking “why” this happened. She shared that she also “buried” her daughters after putting her husband to rest, adding that “they deserve to live”. “Please put down your gun,” she blurted out, saying she didn’t deserve it. He tagged her daughter’s profile and confided in her.

Shakira has been associated with the Dancing Doll for Life (DDFL) since 2015. For the past few weeks, she has reportedly been an instructor and senior co-captain of the group. The company is a dance-based studio involving various dance forms such as hip-hop. She is popular for dance-based videos and more.

Shakira’s father, Derek Robinson, died under mysterious circumstances in September. She wrote at the time: “I miss your dad, please, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, sic,”

On his birthday last month, she wrote: “Happy Birthday Dad, Dad loves you and misses you to the fullest).”

Honor spilled over her death. One wrote that they have felt “numbness” since news of her death and that saying “RIP” to the “smart girl” doesn’t feel real.

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