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In 1994, Trent DiGiuro should be the starting offensive winger for his college football team, the Kentucky Wildcats. He has always been a substitute player, and he put in a lot of effort to change his team.

However, just before his senior season, DiGiuro was unfortunately killed and killed. For many years, no one knew who killed DiGiuro. Until the murderer’s ex-girlfriend came forward.

According to the University of Kentucky website, Trent DiGiuro started playing for Kentucky in 1991.Kentucky football was not very good in those years, especially when compared to the school’s basketball team.

The Wildcats basketball team reached the Elite Eight in the 1991-92 season, and then reached the semi-finals in the 1992-93 season. However, the football team is struggling. In 1991, the UK led 3-8. Then, in 1992, they led 4-7.

However, in 1993 — the same year DiGiuro started to gain playing time — the Kentucky team may have their best season since 1984. They finally entered the Peach Bowl with a score of 6-6.

Their tough defense finally made them a great success that year, because the Wildcats only scored 17.4 points per game, which also made the Peach Bowl a low-scoring game. However, Kentucky eventually lost to Clemson 14-13.

In 1994, Di Giro completed spring training as the starting right back of the Kentucky team. According to a British website report, he even recorded the team’s best bench press during the offseason, and in 1993 he won the honor of the US Securities and Exchange Commission Academic Honor Roll.

Almost a year after DiGiuro’s death, a woman and her boyfriend went to a bar. According to NBC News, when they were there, the two discussed the worst thing they had ever done. Her boyfriend subsequently admitted that he killed DiGiuro.

This woman is basically trying to forget it so that she can continue the relationship. However, when that article was published on the fifth anniversary, she decided to tell what she knew about her ex-boyfriend.

The lady went to her lawyer friend and discussed her situation. She was finally afraid of what he would do if his ex-boyfriend found out that she had leaked his secrets. Therefore, the lawyer found Detective Evans and gave him information, including the name of the alleged murderer.

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