Shang chi post credit scene leaked – Shang-Chi post credits scenes revealed

The first ending scene that got angry is actually the ending in between. This is a continuation at the end of the movie, Shangzhi and Katie accompany Huang Zhifeng to the magical art base that appears to be the New York Shrine. When Wong analyzed ten rings and worked hard to find their origin, he started the scene.

Shangzhi, Huang, and Katie consulted with Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) and Bruce Banner (aka Hulk). Before leaving for an unspecified emergency, Danvers declared that the rings were not foreign; Banner wasn’t sure what they were. The team concluded that these rings are very old and very powerful. The team also determined that these rings are transmitting some kind of signal or beacon, but no one knows who might receive it.

There are a few small details in the scene that sharp-eyed Marvel fans will notice right away. The first is that Bruce Banner has figured out how to revert to human form from him. Back in “Endgame”, Banner fused the Hulk form of himself with the human form, which appeared to be permanent at the time.

In Hisashi’s middle ending scene, Banner looks completely human and no one mentions him. There is no explanation of when or how he broke up. It is unclear if his human form is permanent, or if he can consciously switch between the two forms, but he has clearly figured out how to make Bruce human again.

Another fact is that Danfoss hair is now much longer than the hair we used when we saw her in “Endgame”.

Obviously my first question is which interstellar barber is he looking at; I would love to see this in future movies. However, the most important conclusion is that a considerable amount of time has passed. His locks grew from the shorter end of Endgame, so they were near the top of his shoulders. This shows that there is a gap of at least a few months between Endgame and the Shangqi event.

Looking at the MCU timeline, there are hints that Shangqi is set in the world after WandaVision, possibly after Spider-Man: Far From Home, because the WandaVision event happened a few weeks after the Endgame and Far From Home events. and some happened. months later in Endgame. So this is a very reliable confirmation that Shangqi is set in the post-game world.

Recent MCU events such as Wanda’s mayhem in WandaVision, Spider-Man’s identity far from home, and even Loki’s multiverse antics may have occurred at the beginning of Hisashi’s adventure.

As for the rings that are ancient weapons and the signals they can send now, it seems like a very convenient potential connection. The immortal creatures that have secretly lived on Earth for more than 7000 years will be released in November for a movie. .

Finally, one of the most obvious little things in the scene concerns who is not in the temple, because the only Avengers we see are Danvers, Banner, and Huang. Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor are not there, they may be doing some space activities. We also didn’t see Okoye or any other representative from Wakanda.

However, the biggest question mark is related to the whereabouts of Doctor Strange, who lives in the sanctuary and will likely speak to the king there. Maybe he’s dealing with a new force that threatens Wanda’s multiverse (revealed at the end of Wanda Vision), or maybe he’s helping Peter Parker with his identity crisis, because everyone knows he’s Spider-Man (Doctor Strange , or maybe). someone dressed as Doctor Strange appeared in the latest trailer for “Spider-Man: No Way To Go” in December.) Anyway, considering the setting of this popular studio, Doctor Strange’s absence is very curious.

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