Shannon Murrin dead and obituary, whats happened? cause of death

The child killer is a rare bird in Canada, and once spotted, he needs to scrutinize his past whereabouts and activities. All other cases in which Murrin is a suspect warrants close attention given the police obstruction and evidence sabotage found in the Mindy Tran case. The following are some of the other crimes in which Shannon Murrin was involved or implicated:

Shannon Murrin interview 2, Joey Oliver sentenced to 15 years minus 4 years for time served

1976- Newfoundland Animal Mutilation. Newfoundland sources say Mullin was found guilty of horribly mutilating a cow in a church yard, then leaving her there to slowly bleed to death. A Newfoundland prison guard reported that Shannon Mullin completed taxidermy courses in prison and then roamed the streets in search of road kills to experiment with after his release. How many serial killers started these campaigns, according to Behavior Analyzer.

1980- Kelowna Rapists: A serial rapist gets free, taking another step toward murder. At the time, Mullin was working undercover in Kelowna as an informant for the RCMP. Newfoundland police privately confirmed Mullin was in B.C., the source said. at this time. Apart from sketches of the suspect circulating at the time, little evidence was left to prove Mullin’s existence. The rapist’s sketch matched Mullin’s appearance at the time.

Disappearance of “Elizabeth” of Campbell River in March 1981: Several witnesses at the time knew Shannon Mullin and saw him leave with Elizabeth. She has not been seen since then. Soon after, Mullin disappeared from Kelowna.

December 1981 – Murders Dana Bradley in Newfoundland after Mullin’s abrupt departure from Kelowna in the fall of 1981. Mullin left Kelowna claiming to have returned to Newfoundland for Christmas in the late fall of 1980. Mullin claimed he would move to Edmonton after his sister Elizabeth disappeared in the fall of 1981. Did he also come home for Christmas that year? The description of Dana’s killer matches that of Murrin. A member of the Newfoundland Police Service allegedly identified Mullin as the prime suspect.

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