Shawshanko dead, Resolved for the revival of Sanatan Indian culture – cause of death Shashanka bhide শশাঙ্ক

Our most respected people associated with Govardhanpeeth @Shawshanko Ji has passed away untimely, may God grant him a place in his feet. peace.

Dr. Shashanka Bhide is a senior advisor to the NCAER research program. From 1982 to 2014, he was associated with NCAER in various capacities. After leaving NCAER in July 2014, he served as Director of the Madras Development Institute in Chennai until his retirement in December 2018. His research covers agriculture, macroeconomic modeling, infrastructure, and poverty analysis. He has published extensively, including co-authoring and editing book and journal articles in these fields. Shashanka also currently serves on the Board of Governors of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Reserve Bank of India and the Bengaluru Institute for Social and Economic Change.

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