Sherry Shriner dead and Obituary – The Bizarre Story Of Sherry Shriner’s YouTube Cult

Sherry Shriner helps conspiracy theories about reptiles, NATO loss of life squads, and the top of the world.

It occurred a very long time earlier than the native authorities had heard of the title of on-line conspiracy idea grasp Sherry Shriner, and it began with a determined 911 name on July 15, 2017.

“My boyfriend has a gun,” the girl on the opposite finish stated. “He instructed me to place it right here and pull the set off. God, he is useless.”

The Pennsylvania State Police rushed to the 32-year-old Steven Mineo’s Coolbaugh Township studio house and located him useless on the ground with a bullet gap in his brow. His 42-year-old girlfriend Barbara Rogers shot him within the head and claimed that Minho wished to die as a result of an internet cult had ruined his life.

The couple has at all times been a loyal follower of Sherry Shriner, who started to assist conspiracy theories about alien reptile cults within the 2000s. She began with a Fb web page, however finally launched quite a few web sites and a radio station, after which gained greater than 20,000 subscribers on YouTube-all of them devoted to exposing “remodeled” politicians.

“Individuals name me a false prophet,” Schleiner stated. “Out of each 4 individuals, just one is actual…We’re in a vital state.”

The Alien-Reptile Cult Of Sherry Shriner

As recorded within the six-part VICE documentary sequence The Satan You Know, Mineo isn’t even the primary individual to finish his life as a result of Shriner’s indoctrination. The self-proclaimed “Emissary of the Supreme God” has been brainwashing her followers for a few years, making them imagine in evil reptiles-even letting them oppose one another.

Sherry J. Shriner was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1965. This self-made conspiracy idea knowledgeable attended Kent State College, the place in 1970 the Nationwide Guard shot and killed 4 unarmed college students protesting the Vietnam Warfare. She graduated with a level in journalism, political science, science, and legal justice in 1990.

Schleiner lastly started to imagine within the idea of a brand new world order. Conspiracy theories present that, from Queen Elizabeth II to Barack Obama, everyone seems to be a metamorphosis lizard. Their alien overlords need to rule the world and permit them to take energy to ascertain “a world authorities.”

By YouTube and Fb, Shriner found the great affect of her weird idea. Along with a lot of self-published e-books and YouTube movies, individuals claiming to be “servants, prophets, ambassadors, daughters and messengers of the Supreme God” have additionally launched greater than 10 web sites equivalent to TheWatcherFiles.Com and OrgoneBlaster.Com-attracting hundreds A believer who is definitely deceived.

“Now we have been seeing it on a big scale,” Schreiner stated in 2016. “Celebrities, newscasters, and even individuals in commercials. About 90% of everybody you see on TV is clones or artificial robots.”

One in all her followers was Kelly Pinguily, and Schreiner satisfied her to not waste the “final days” on Earth in school on the age of 19-but to broadcast for her “Aliens within the Information” The present serves as a transcriber. Pingjili was instructed that the one true god was “Aha” and went to New York commonly to protest towards the New World Order.

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