Shinjiro Atae leaked video on reddit, a J-Pop star has come out as gay

Japanese pop star Atai Shiro, center back, is pictured with others during the announcement of the year-end TV music program in Tokyo, November 24, 2010. Artest emotionally announced he is gay at a fan event on Wednesday, July 26. In 2023, it’s a warm welcome in a country whose government doesn’t recognize LGBTQ equality. Japanese pop icon Atae Shinjiro has come out as gay in a public statement, unusual in conservative Japan where same-sex partnerships are not legal.

MRandom News Shinjiro Atae leaked video on reddit, a J-Pop star has come out as gay

Speaking to around 2,000 fans at an auditorium in central Tokyo on Wednesday night, Atae revealed that he is gay. “I respect you and believe you should hear this directly from me,” said Atta, 34. “I’ve been trying to accept a part of myself for years. But now, after everything I’ve been through, I finally Have the courage to tell you something. I’m gay.”

“I don’t want people to fight like I do,” he continued. According to LGBTQ Nation, no entertainer of his stature and popularity has acted so erratically in Japan, and fans applauded after his announcement. According to the outlet, after her son was publicly exposed, Atae’s mother told the media: “I support him 200 percent.”

Atae is a singer-songwriter, model, and actor who debuted two decades ago with the popular Japanese co-girl group AAA, and has since embarked on a successful solo career. Reactions on social media have been mostly positive. Many netizens praised Atae for being brave and wished him well. “AAA’s Atae Shinjiro coming out as gay is awesome!!! I’m so happy for him,” tweeted user Mineru.

Even many people who don’t know Atae support him. “I don’t follow this group, but I applaud Atae Shinjiro and be so determined! Your courage is beautiful!” wrote user Ces. The LGBTQ community in Japan faces many challenges. It is the only member of the seven major blocs that does not allow same-sex marriage or civil partnerships — although a recent Kyodo News survey found that 64 percent of respondents believe same-sex marriage should be recognized in the EU.

Meanwhile, Japan recently passed its first law on sexual orientation and gender identity. But proponents say it still falls short. “While this new law advances the rights of LGBT people, it falls far short of providing them with the same protections from discrimination,” Human Rights Watch wrote in a statement earlier this month. “Japan Prime Minister Fumio Kishida should go further. A comprehensive anti-discrimination law is needed if Japan is to protect human rights for all.”