Shocking! Evidence of cosmic accelerators in the Milky Way revealed

UNITED STATES.- It has been reported that a series of telescopes located in Tibet have revealed evidence of ultra-high energy gamma rays in the Milky Way. This investigation, carried out in a coordinated manner between China and Japan, would lead to the discovery of cosmic accelerators in our galaxy, which without a doubt would be something really amazing for the scientific community.

Therefore, the study published in the journal Physical Review Letters details that they are three orders of magnitude greater than any other known gamma ray that has been induced by cosmic rays. “We found 23 ultra-high energy cosmic gamma rays throughout the Milky Way. The highest energy among them equates to a world record: almost a petaelectron volt, “said study co-author Kazumasa Kawata.

This research, carried out by the University of Tokyo, also indicated that this figure exceeds any accelerated particle in terrestrial laboratories. Likewise, Huang Jing, a member of the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and co-author of the study detailed: “It is believed that high-energy gamma rays can be produced by the nuclear interaction between high-energy cosmic rays. escaping from the most powerful galactic sources and interstellar gas in the Milky Way ”.

cosmic accelerations

For the moment, this observation has brought the scientific community closer to knowing where these cosmic rays come from. Meanwhile, it was pointed out that the detection of diffuse gamma rays above 100 teraelectrons volts is crucial to understand their origin. In addition, it was stressed that all this has been a true mystery since it was discovered in 1912.

Finally, this discovery is a window to prove that undetected accelerators produce cosmic rays that float in the Milky Way for millions of years. These accelerators are known as “PeVatrons” and include supernova explosions, star-forming regions and the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy, which would confirm the existence of these accelerators.

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