Shocking! “If you look closely, you might see the row of markings”: Perseverance rover finds mysterious rock on Mars

UNITED STATES.- The rover Perseverance continues on his journey through Mars in search of life and recently the POT has shared a photo of a stone found on the Red Planet that has aroused astonishment on the part of the scientific community. In this way, it has been specified that a lot of it is unknown and it has not been possible to identify it, but the specialized team will seek to provide answers.

In this sense, it was through the official Twitter account of the NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover where the image was published, which shows a rock with a bright greenish blue tone. Likewise, it was reported that it has been studied with the laser carried by the vehicle so that the scientific team of the Space Agency can determine what kind of rock it is, as well as its origin.

“As the helicopter prepares, I can’t help but look at the nearby rocks. This stranger has my science team swapping a lot of hypotheses. Measures approximately 6 inches (15 cm) long. If you look closely, you might see the row of laser markings where I did it to get more information. ”Was written verbatim in the rover’s post.

Therefore, the theories that have been handled are diverse, because in the face of questions from Internet users, the social networks of the POT They responded: “The team has made many different hypotheses about this – Is it something eroded from the local bedrock? Is it a chunk of Mars that was dropped into the area by a distant impact event? Is it a meteorite? Or something else?”.

On the other hand, one more netizen showed his amazement over the laser used by Perseverance. Therefore, “the response of the vehicle” was that it can hit rocks more than 7 meters away and also has the possibility of reaching them with its arm. “The laser helps us to observe the textures of the rocks and their chemical composition,” said the rover’s Twitter account.

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