Shocking! Mexican scientist discovers that a desert in Latin America would be the closest thing to Mars

UNITED STATES.- The POT He continues his expedition to the Red Planet with the arrival of the Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity helicopter. But recently, the Mexican astrobiologist Rafael Navarro Gonzalez revealed that the desert of Atacama, located in Chile, is the place most similar to Mars on Earth, so the Space Agency would have made the analogy to do some testing before the mission.

In this sense, it was detailed that Atacama is such a desolate and dead place that it works to make a similarity to the Red Planet. In addition, Navarro González reported that the Chilean desert also serves as a testing ground before sending any equipment to our neighbor. María Elena Sur, the name of the area, is located in a saltpeter mining town and is the driest place where you could appreciate the similarities with Mars.

Also, another of the amazing similarities that have been made is that it is the highest volcano in the Solar System and is in Mars: Olympus Mons. Meanwhile, the highest volcano on Earth is in Atacama: Ojos del Salado, this has a height of 6,893 meters above sea level and is the highest peak in Latin America, just by behind Aconcagua in Argentina.

Atacama Desert
Atacama Desert. Source: Pixabay.

“It can be argued whether the Dry Valleys in Antarctica or the north-central part of Atacama is the driest place on Earth, but some parts of the Atacama only receive rain every 20 or even 100 years,” revealed Brian Glass, who also He was in the investigation of the “Atacama Rover Astrobiology Drilling Studies” and added that using the Chilean desert was “because if we can’t do it in one of the deadliest places on Earth, we don’t have to take it to Mars.”

Montaña de Marte is named in honor of Rafael Navarro

On the other hand, it was reported that Rafael Navarro Gonzalez He died at the end of January due to Covid-19, but his work will continue to contribute to the development and progress of science around the world. Therefore, the POT has decided to identify one of the mountains on Mars with its name after actively participating in the Curiosity project, the car-sized rover designed to explore Gale Crater on the Red Planet.

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