Shocking! NASA finds a new planet that has three suns

UNITED STATES.- An astonishing find by the POT it has the scientific and astronomical community perplexed. It’s about a new planet that has three suns and that it has an extremely strange orbit. Reports by the Space Agency based on the project Kepler They have revealed what would be a “twister” to be able to explain the functioning of this celestial body and we are going to tell you what it is about.

It has been a long time since POT has such a project and it has yielded incredible findings, such is the case of this new planet that has a strange composition and very different from most planets. Even David Ciardi, director of the research project, said in a press release: “We know of many planets that exist in triple star systems, and this one is very special because its orbit is skewed.”

First of all, it is worth remembering that the planets have an orbit that revolves around the Sun (their star). But this new celestial body, called “KOI-5Ab” is similar to Jupiter or Saturn as it is gaseous, but what has attracted attention has been the way it orbits and that it really is a real tongue twister that makes your head make an explosion of galaxies.

Source: Pixabay.

“KOI-5Ab is orbiting a star in a system with two other stars circling in a plane misaligned with at least one of them,” the MDZ site details textually. This means that this planet is orbiting the star “A” that has a companion star: “B”. These two orbit each other for a period of every 30 years, but the third star “C” orbits both every 400 years.

“We still have many questions about how and when planets in multiple star systems can form and how their properties compare to those of planets in single star systems. By studying this system in greater detail, perhaps we can understand how the universe forms planets ”, explained the director of the research that is being led by the POT and that is a real madness.

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