Shocking! They find a meteorite that is older than Earth

UNITED STATES.- The location of the meteorite oldest ever discovered and, to the amazement of the world, is older than the actual Land. This volcanic rock was found in the Sahara desert and it was detailed that the crystallization of its minerals occurred about 4 thousand 560 million years ago, while our planet is approximately 4 thousand 450 million years old.

In this context, the researcher of the Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Jean-Alix Barrat, revealed that his work has been gestated for twenty years based on meteorites. Therefore, he said that this new body is the most incredible thing he has ever seen and remarked that when analyzing the meteorite they realized that it had something different. In this way, they called it “Erg Chech 002” for having been located in Bir Ben Takoul, in southern Algeria, in the Erg Chechen sand sea.

The study published in the journal PNAS reveals that the rock was already fused and solidified almost 4.6 billion years ago, while most of the meteorites found on Earth are made of volcanic rock called basalt. In addition, the probability that its formation was from a volcano, part of a protoplanet, is specified, just when the Solar System was 2 million years old and therefore, the planet was in formation.

Source: Pixabay.

In this sense, it has also been emphasized that the astonishment at not finding anything that equaled it has made it a true relic due to its rarity and, even, it is speculated that the formation of rocks like this was common in the Solar system. Thus, when comparing spectral characteristics there is the possibility that rocks of these virtues no longer exist.

In this way, the research team also showed that the magma that makes up “EC-002” took at least 100,000 years to cool and solidify, this after melting. This would show that it could have had a viscous consistency and, therefore, this meteorite will contribute to know much more about the formation of planets in the Solar System and, of course, of the Earth itself.

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