Shontover Kirkland video leaked, Prison for woman who caused two deaths

Northeast Georgia, a woman jailed for pushing a man off a pontoon bridge: Shontover Kirkland gets one year in prison, nine years probation for causing death of pushed man and another who climbed into his back of water. It happened on a boat ramp on Clarks Mountain Lake last April. Shontover pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

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On Tuesday, a Georgia woman pleaded guilty to reckless conduct and two counts of manslaughter related to the drowning of two men in 2021.

Augusta-area news outlets reported that Shontover Kirkland pleaded guilty on Tuesday. She was sentenced to one year in prison and nine years of probation.

She is charged with causing the deaths of two men – Edward Lee Kirk and Ion Wilson. Police said they pushed Kirk into Clarks Mountain Lake. Kirk’s best friend Wilson jumped into the water to save him. The two disappeared into the water.

The bodies of the men were recovered a week later.

Kirkland, 32 at the time of his arrest, had chartered two pontoons on the day of the accident. According to news reports, there were a dozen people on board at a birthday party.

According to a report by WJBF-TV, the 2021 warrant said Kirkland “willfully disregarded the substantial and unreasonable risk that Edward Lee Kirk, Jr. would remove him from the ship illegally. Endangering the personal safety of Edward Lee Kirk, Jr.” The cold Lake Hill not knowing whether he could swim would endanger the safety of that person, and this indifference constitutes a man of reason Serious deviations from the usual attention that should be taken in this case.

WRDW reported that Kirkland has apologized to the victims’ families for their actions. Outside, police broke up a confrontation between Kirkland’s friends and family and the victim.