Shooting in kalispell mt today fuel fitness – Two people shot in Kalispell

Law enforcement officers are at the scene of the shooting in Kalispell.

Kalispell Police Chief Doug Overman said police responded to reports of a shooting at Fuel Fitness in Kalispell at 11 a.m. SUBWAY.

The two shooting victims were taken to the Logan Health Center. There is currently no information on the nature or severity of his injuries.

Overman said a suspect has been arrested and no longer poses a threat to the public. When we get more information, we will update it.

I’m here at Fuel Fitness where Kalispell Police Department confirmed one male deceased and two males with gunshot wounds were transported to Logan Health.

Sources tell NBC Montana three people have been shot at the Fuel Fitness on Highway 2 in Kalispell. Witnesses say the parking lot and gym were full. The Kalispell Police Department is not answering any other questions.

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