Shooting in Scarborough today, two people were seriously injured

#BREAKING: Two people made their way to the hospital with serious injuries after being shot at a plaza in Scarborough near McCowan and Sheppard. @TPSOperations say there were reports of a man running down the road, shooting at a car around 840 pm. @CP24

After the shooting in Scarborough Square, the two were seriously injured and reported to the hospital. Toronto police said two people were seriously injured in a shooting at a plaza in Scarborough on Saturday night.

At least two people were seriously injured in the Scarborough shootings. Police said two people entered the hospital Saturday night with serious gunshot wounds, but without danger of death. They are believed to be the victims of shootings near a restaurant on Pitfield Road and McCowan Road Plaza. According to police, witnesses reported that a man ran down the road and shot in the direction of a car around 8:40 pm. Police have not released a description of the suspect.

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