Simon Diffey dead and obituary, Bugatti Crash Victim – cause of death

Simon Diffie died in a car crash, colleague Mark Piper confirmed on Twitter. He is a Talbot-Lago T23 pro driver from the UK.

British racing driver Simon Diffie has been killed in a car crash. This is unfortunate news as a professional race car driver died in a fatal crash.

He is a member of the Classic Car Club and has hosted the Arundel Cup, Glover Cup and Hawthorn Cup from 2015 to 2021.

RIP: What happened to Simon Diffie?

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News of Simon Diffie’s death has surfaced online. He died in a car crash last weekend when he collided with an ambulance on the road.

Twitter PR manager James Gilbert confirmed the news, writing: “Very saddened to hear of the passing of Simon Diffie. Without a doubt one of the funniest people I have ever met, Having a heart of gold is contagious to life.”

He also added: “The world would be worse without him. I’ll raise a glass for you tonight, man. RIP is not the same.”

The comments section is full of condolences and payers for one of the most respected vintage racers in the world.

In the same tweet, Christopher Tate mentioned: “Thanks James, kudos to Simon who is a friend and lovely person to so many fast racers.”

According to, Simon has raced in 22 professional races and even finished 7th in the 2021 Brookland Cup.

Nice to meet this guy, Simon Diffie, only a few times, but he’s a good guy. He died last weekend in a road accident involving an ambulance with flashing blue lights. Condolences to his family and friends. #RIP #Motorsport

  • I’m Scuba Steve (@Me_Scuba_Steve) May 15, 2022
    Did Simon Diffey die in an accident as the victim of a Bugatti crash?
    Simon Diffie didn’t die on the tracks. He died on the way down the road.

Mainstream media did not report the exact details of his death or how the accident happened.

His only cause of death was reported on Twitter by friends and colleagues. According to Mark Piper’s May 15 Twitter post, “Simon Diffie died in a traffic accident today. He did a lot to remember HHF.”

Diffie’s unexpected death is a huge loss for the professional racing community in the UK and beyond.

His fans and well-wishers are awaiting an unexpected report of his untimely death in the UK.