Simon Nellist video leaked, Sydney little bay shark attack video today, on Australia beach

A video has captured the horrific moment a swimmer was killed by a shark on a popular Sydney beach. Simon Nellist described by those he served with as “a top bloke” and he will be sorely missed. We urge you to report any videos of the incident to facebook out of respect for Simon.Our thoughts are with his fiancée, family and friends during this terrible time.

The first deadly shark attack in nearly 60 years rocked the city after Wednesday’s attack in Little Bay.

Rescuers found the human remains around 6pm, nearly an hour and a half after a fisherman first reported someone in the water being attacked by a shark and dragged down.

Horrific video footage shows the moment the shark attacked. “Someone just got eaten by a shark,” the man who recorded the video can be heard shouting, adding that it was a “great white shark”.

A huge splash can be seen, the water in the area turns red and birds hover over it. “It’s crazy,” the man added, filming on a rock ledge where people were fishing.

Another woman yelled, “Oh my god…what the fuck is this?” in disbelief. “The man is still there,” the man went on to add.

Emergency services were called to the area near Buchan Point in Malabar after reports a shark attacked a swimmer in the water just after 4.30pm on Wednesday.

Authorities then found human remains in the water and closed Little Bay Beach, according to NSW Police.

“The footage clearly shows a body, half of it being carried away by the shark,” an officer told colleagues through the scanner. “They found some remains.”

A NSW Ambulance spokesman said: “Unfortunately the individual was seriously injured and paramedics were incapable of doing anything when we arrived. A witness said the swimmer was in the water when they were dragged underwater. in front of him.

“It was horrible. I was shaking,” he told the ABC. “I’ve been vomiting. It’s very, very disturbing.” Randwick City Council announced Wednesday night that Malabar, Maroubra, Coogee, Clovelly and La Perouse beaches would also be closed for 24 hours while council lifeguards continued to hunt for sharks traces.

Dozens of people were swimming and paddling on Little Bay Beach when the attack took place.

This is the first shark attack in Sydney since 1963.

Randwick Mayor Dylan Parker said the community was shocked.

“It’s chilling to lose someone in a shark attack like this. We’re all in shock,” he said.

“Our entire community’s heart goes out to the victim’s family.”

Police will be liaising with the Ministry of Primary Industries to investigate circumstances surrounding the swimmer’s death.

A report will be prepared for the coroner. Wednesday’s attack comes a week after a 20-year-old woman was bitten by a great white shark on the other side of the country.

Jacquelin Morley was paddling in an inflatable pool at Kelp Beds Beach in Esperance, Western Australia, when the 3m shark bit her teeth body of.

Young swimmer survives terror attack