Sitora Baratova dead and Obituary – cause of death

Sitora Baratova lives in Yangi Nishan, Uzbekistan. Hometown – Yangi Nishon. Sitora marital status: not married. The following information was obtained from open sources: information on secondary education, family members.

I’ve recently become somewhat obsessed with Facebook Live (it is just so fucking futuristic to me that I can basically click a dot and get a live view of some persons life anywhere in the world) and you’d be amazed how many people stream themselves doing the most mundane shit ever. Sooo many people streaming driving to work, eating dinner, etc. The most confusing one is this pearl craze. Middle aged white women have this weird obsession with opening Oysters for pearls on Facebook Live. It’s like scratch off tickets for them… there are different color pearls and some are worth more than others, etc etc… It is just so fucking weird. They will have hundreds of viewers for this. Oysters are like this generations Mary Kay.

If you go to your profile there is a link to the left that says “Facebook Live.” If you click on that it opens up a map with little blue dots everywhere and each one is someone streaming.

It’s pretty amazing actually. I am surprised it’s not more popular, but every time I mention it I get the question you asked about where to find it… so that is probably the issue.

It really feels like the future though when I am on it… you seriously get a window into all these people’s lives instantly. I’ll go from watching some kids playing fifa in Yemen to a girl eating lunch in Korea.

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