Sofia Gomez leaked twitter videos and photos on reddit and onlyf

The Cenote Mexicano is a unique and delicate ecosystem that deserves respect. Photographer Daan Verhoeven and Colombian diver Sofia Gomez Uribe recorded this impressive apnea video over a few days with minimal equipment. With over 17 million views, you might ask what’s so special about it. Look, it’s great. Da’an said in the video description that every time they dive, they ask the owner for permission and if they have access to the environment.

Sofia Gomez Freediving in Mexican Caves

In some cases it seems obvious that they are just rocks, sand or sunken trees, but some look like stalactites and are fragile and should not be touched. As it turns out, most of them are petrified stalactites that turn into solid rock with a nice touch if you pay attention.

Of course, in general, it’s best not to touch anything while swimming (or running) in an environment you’re not very familiar with. They try to get to know each other as much as possible and stay away from their uncertain ways when in doubt. It’s clearly not worth venturing into a unique video environment.

Sofia is a free apnea world record holder in three different disciplines and a trained athlete; it’s best not to try to recreate it without serious training.