Sonko latest video – The videos of Sonko where he filmed Uhuru leaked

• Sonko said that since January 2021, he has 149 clips (including audio and video) that can capture their frequent and informative conversations.

• Sonko claimed that the conversation included 315 million shillings paid to his former lawyer to manipulate the impeachment case and stabbing in the back, thereby helping other judges in the case influence the decision on the same case.

Former Governor Mike Sonko reversed the position of the woman who sought police protection because of threats from the former city boss.

Mike Mbuvi Sonko, the former governor of Nairobi, came forward to reveal why he started recording and the loudspeaker he was forced to put President Uhuru Kenyatta in public for the first time.

Speaking on KTN News on Tuesday, November 23, Sonko said that his first wiretap conversation was to rescue the residents of the South B Estate in Nairobi during the midnight demolition.

The incident forced him to use the head of state as the spokesperson to scare away more than 400 police and other government officials who oversaw the demolition.

The outspoken former city leader further claimed that because cartels and crooks were deeply ingrained in the system he inherited from the previous county government, he was forced to promote the habit of recording conversations.

“It’s all worth it,” he pointed out. “I only record scammers and cartels. If you are my friend, you have nothing to fear. But if you come to me with a plan to steal, I will expose you to everyone.”

“I’m not always documenting people. When I became governor, I inherited a city known for corruption and filth. I let people walk into my office, call me, and try to make it possible to get out of the city. Stolen transactions,” he added. “That’s why I started documenting people and exposing them. Soon, they were afraid of me and stopped stealing from the public.”

Sonko, a man who has handled several court cases, added that he has nothing to lose, which is why he will not stop posting videos and other recorded conversations.

“I have nothing to lose. Even if I never return to electoral politics, I need to complete this war for the 40 million Kenyans who have no chance to get justice. If people like me with the means can be deceived And without justice, what chance does the poor Kenyan have?”

His obsession with recordings first released a video depicting the decaying state of the judiciary on November 16, which became the focus of public attention.

These allegations have formed a social media trend to a certain extent, #SonkoLeaks, he has been publishing in the form of a series.

The center of his recording was High Court Judge Said Zuma Chitenbwe. According to him, these videos are part of his larger plan to clean up the judiciary.

“Our recording dates back to a few months, and it is about how justice in court is reflected in the highest bidder. If you give a judge 100 million shillings, then the judge who gave 200 million shillings will win this The case. It has nothing to do with justice,” Songke pointed out.

These recordings caused a storm, forcing the Judicial Services Commission to form a team to investigate the allegations made by Sonko.

Judge Said Chitembwe also has 14 days to respond to the allegations against him.

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