Sonu srivastava Gowda viral video leaked, Sonu Gowda indulges in some leech therapy at Sakleshpur

Plant lover and outdoor actress Sonu Gooda is currently soaking up the natural beauty of Sakleshpur, but more interestingly, she’s also indulging in some leech therapy in the meantime. The actress shared a cool video on her social media page of a leech sucking her thumb. While it might give you goosebumps, the actress doesn’t think so.

“Play with leeches! Leeches absorb excess blood, reduce tissue swelling, and promote healing by allowing fresh oxygenated blood. According to traditional Ayurveda, there are leech treatments available to treat cancer patients. Why do I say this? Because most of them think It’s dangerous, no, they can be itchy, but not dangerous. If it sticks to your body, sprinkle a little salt on it and it will fall off your body. When we were all shooting in the hills when we made boys leave an extra kilo of salt…those who say leeches aren’t bad…cross-check info with the help of expert @mr_herpetologist_ (sic),” read her post, which made her glisten with happiness . In the video, she definitely blends in with her surroundings.

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