Sonya Ivanoff is dead – Obituary – cause of death

Sonya Ivanoff left home on the evening of August 10, 2003, to have fun with friends. But she will never return to her home in Nome, Alaska. On August 12, Ivanov’s roommate contacted the Nome police station and reported Ivanov’s disappearance. They went out with their friends, but at about 1:00 in the morning, Ivanov, a 19-year-old indigenous woman, said she felt unwell and decided to walk home.

She hasn’t appeared since then. Ivanov is one of six children, described as “stupid” and “fun”, and just moved to Nome a year ago. According to family members, she originally wanted to go to school in Hawaii in the fall and was saving money. “Sonia is very prominent in the community.

She is known in [the surrounding community] as an excellent basketball player. She is well known and loved,” former Alaska police officer Eric Burroughs told “Fatal Frontier: Evil in Alaska”,” aired on Oxygen on 7/6c and 8/7c on Sunday.

She didn’t just disappear. When the authorities searched her home, they found all her belongings were still there. The search and rescue team moved quickly. Ivanov’s body was found in a gravel pit, naked except for a sock. She was shot in the head. The police began to examine the suspects, focusing on boys with bad reputations that Ivanov sometimes dated.

However, they had no conclusive evidence against him, and he was quickly cleared as a suspect. Then, investigators received a disturbing prompt. A woman called and said that she had seen Ivanov the night she disappeared on the street alone. A police car stopped beside her, and after a brief conversation, Ivanov got into the car.

A few weeks later, on the night of September 24, a police car #321 disappeared. Byron Redburn, a retired police officer of the Nome Police Department, told the producer that the authorities went out to find the stolen vehicle. Redburn then contacted a police officer named Matt Owens, who was in Bessie Pit, a gravel mine.

“There was a radio from Officer Owens saying that someone was shooting and they were shooting at Officer Owens,” Redburn recalled. Redburn rushed to the scene and found that Owens was not injured. No one else is there.

But the window of the police car was broken, and there was an envelope inside. The envelope contained Ivanov’s lost ID card and a threatening letter. “Pig. I hate the police, I hate every one of you,” the letter reads, based on “Deadly Frontier: The Evil of Alaska,” and threatened officials to abandon the investigation of Ivanov.

But the Alaska police have questions about the incident at Bessi Pit. When they tried to repeat it, they found that what Owens described was basically impossible. “The 321 incidents that occurred in the gravel pit did not add up. We believe that the incident was staged by Owens,” Burroughs told the producer. Owens was one of the two police officers on duty the night Ivanov disappeared.

Another police officer showed up immediately for a polygraph test and passed. At the same time, Owens “failed miserably.” When Owens was taken for questioning, he denied any connection with Ivanov’s murder and insisted that he did not fake the 321 incident. “You are dead, buddy. We would have been investigating a murder. On God’s green field, this guy won’t miss you,” an investigator told Owens in an interview recording. “Fatal Frontier: Alaska’s Evil” is obtained.

Despite this, Owens still insisted on his innocence. However, the authorities had a lot of evidence against him, and Owens was arrested on October 25, 2003. After the news of his arrest came out, many women stood up and said that Owens sexually harassed them during his duty and threatened to kill them if they told them. “We were told that he told them that no one would believe that a drunk active woman is better than a policeman,” Burroughs told the producer.

There is no evidence that Ivanov was sexually assaulted. Investigators told the “Deadly Frontier” that they suspected that Owens noticed Ivanov during the patrol and made a sexual request to her.

When she refused, he realized that she was not drunk and would be more credible if she reported him. Then there was a confrontation, and he killed the 19-year-old young man. “I never thought I would lose a daughter to the police. They should protect. It kind of messed up the police I trusted,” Ivanov’s mother told the producer.

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