Soori is dead or still alive? Whats happened to Indian actor and comedian?

Soori was busy managing his busy schedule when we met on a sunny afternoon. He informed that he would be away from filming the next day and would be out of town for at least a few months. He said his time was too short and he regretted not being able to personally invite many of his industry friends to the family wedding.

But once we started talking, the actors relaxed and opened up like never before. In an exclusive chat with us, Soori talks about starring in Vetri Maaran’s new film Viduthalai, why he kept it a secret for two years, how he found himself in the film’s scenes, his director’s mindfulness and his role as a The experience of the famous actor fighting alongside his idol Rajinikanth. extract:

How did you become part of Viduthalai?

I received this offer two and a half years ago. I got a call from Vetri Maaran Annan saying he wanted me to be in a movie he wanted to direct. Over the past five or six years, I’ve had a few offers for the lead role, but I didn’t take it. I feel like I don’t have to play the lead in order to play a character, and if I do, it should be the right movie.

Also, I’ve been a comedian in a lot of movies almost non-stop. I feel like this movie should be more than just a comedy. So when I got a call from Vetri Maaran Annan’s office, I didn’t hesitate for a second. They say God will give us a chance and we should seize it with both hands. I feel like this is an opportunity for me.

What was your reaction when Vitri Maran wanted you to play the lead role in this film?

When I met him, I thought maybe I’d play the lead, but he told me I was the lead! I just said to him, ‘I’m very happy about it. what do I do? When should I start shooting for it? I didn’t tell anyone about the offer – not even my manager! Only Vetri Maaran Annan, photographer Velraj Sir and I knew about it. I kept this a secret for almost two years.

He would plan something, and then he would direct another film. When Asolan became a blockbuster, I realized that my chances of being in his films were slim because he’s gotten to the point where he can pick any hero he wants in the next movie. But he said he would guide me next and give me a check as a prepayment which blew me away! i am on the moon

Only after this meeting did I go home and tell my wife. Next I told my Thambi Sivakarthikeyan. He told me this was not an ordinary opportunity for me and urged me to try as much as possible. Finally I told my manager. This is where it all started. And today, it’s a movie with a budget that could be as big as a star movie. I am speechless. I want to put my hands together in front of Vetri Maaran Annan and worship him. I would also like to thank the producer Mr. Elred Kumar for believing that I can carry a film as the lead character.