Sophia Urista’s viral leaked video shared on reddit

This gives new meaning to urination judgment. On Thursday night, at a concert in Daytona, Florida, a rising rock star was described as “disgusting” after urinating to a male fan.

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Sophia Urista, lead singer of the New York cover band Brass Against, told the audience that she needed to relax during her performance at the “Welcome to Rockville” fesival. “I want to urinate, I can’t go to the bathroom,” Urista told the crowd in the now viral scene. “So we might as well use it as a show.”

The 36-year-old disgusting rock singer then took a male fan to the stage and instructed him to lie down, then squatted down on his face as she performed Rage Against the Machine’s “Wake Up”.

According to the Independent, Urista allegedly said before the disturbing incident: “Get my man ready for the jar on his head, because we are going to bring him to the stage, and I am the bastard. “