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She is one of the most followed models on social media and certainly one of the most popular models on OnlyF. This is Valentina Gómez, a Colombian who, in addition to demonstrating her love for adrenaline and motorcycles, does not arouse the anger of Internet users with each photo she publishes. Also, in a recent post, she showed a lot of heart for her attitude towards hawkers who sell on the streets for the bare necessities of living from day to day.

That is how she registered with her TikTok account, donating part of the wealth that she has accumulated since she became a content creator through multiple tours of the coffee country.

Gomez is showing that, despite her physical attractiveness and the thousands of browsers that consume her photos and videos on the Blue platform, she has not lost sight of her sense of humanity and helping those most in need.

Not only in the sense of donating money, but also assuming the task of going out into the streets and expressing one of the problems that afflicts Latin American countries, unemployment.

Her tours take place in the Rionegro region and carry several Colombian peso bills. Workers on a business trip were amazed at the approach of the beautiful model.

They were surprised when she gave them money because they didn’t expect her to be so generous.

The young woman herself is enthusiastic, cheerful and energetic, giving a good face to people who sell different items on the street. When thousands of her fans see someone like Valentina Gómez, they get excited about her.

The OnlyF platform has always been one of the options that most women choose to generate income.

Although the platform has been criticized by content promoters for allowing the sale of explicit content, it also shows the other side of the coin behind the screen and its social network.