Spectacular! Kamaru Usman wants Nate Díaz if he beats Jorge Masvidal in his next fight

Kamaru usman Y Jorge Masvidal They will have their revenge in no time, being one of the best fights of the year. It should be noted that, in the first contest between them, which was at UFC 251 last July, the Nigerian made the best of the fight to press the opponent against the cage and thus keep his belt. This time, it will be at UFC 261. But, the division leader’s words sounded like a bomb in these hours.

Starting, Usman He said, ‘They just threw that at us, but I like it. I really like the fight. I think it’s something Leon Edwards desperately needed because I recognize his abilities and I recognize how hard he has worked since I took on that loss. He has worked very, very hard, he has improved his fight, this guy is taking down the men, he is subduing the men, he goes the distance, five rounds with the men and he looks great. “

So I respect everything he’s done up to this point, but the only thing he’s lacked is the fact that he just didn’t have that recognition. Casual fans, if you mention his name to them, they say, ‘Who is that?’ Sucks to say, but that was the case, so a fight like this is something that can give you that recognition. Streak of eight consecutive victories, with that fight it will probably be nine, so yeah, it’s hard to deny the man a shot at the title, “he summed up.

Will you accept?

For its part, Kamaru He commented: ‘According to me? Absolutely. You already know how I am. I don’t avoid any challenge. I’ll take care of anyone. But according to him? I think that’s the second case where a wrestler says flatly, ‘You know what? I don’t even want a title shot. I’m good’. I offered to Conor when Conor was talking out loud that the third belt looked great on him and this and that and I said, ‘Yo, I’m here. I’m available. What date do you want to do it? But he was quiet.

“He did not answer. So that’s the first case where a man said, ‘You know what? I don’t want any of those problems. I do not want to do it’. If he could get that win, I think he will definitely turn down that title shot. I want any fight and a fight like that, these are just fun fights for me. I’m starting to have fun with this, so these are just fun fights for me. Either Nate, Leon, Covington, now they are all fun fights for me, “he closed Kamaru usman.

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