Spectacular! They define the safest place to live in the Milky Way

UNITED STATES.- An Italian astronomy team has defined what is “the safest place” to live in the Milky Way. In this way, the study of all our galaxy has thrown that occur cosmic explosions very powerful that could end life. For this reason, they have taken on the task of seeing the possibility of inhabiting another “space” where the guarantee of a full life is feasible.

In this sense, the research has been published in the journal Astronomy and Astrophysics and the work consisted of studying events such as supernovae and gamma-ray bursts, since these throw extremely high energy and radiation particles, this would trigger that they could end completely with the life of entire planets, including their atmospheres.

Therefore, it was determined that the regions where it is possible to live in tranquility would be in the regions where there are no frequent explosions. “The powerful cosmic explosions are not negligible for the existence of life in our galaxy throughout its history,” explained the astronomer from the University of Insubria, Riccardo Spinellim. In addition, he added that “these events have contributed to endangering life in most of the Milky Way”.

Source: Pixabay.

Meanwhile, experts have defined that a considerable part of the galaxy was “sterilized” regularly by massive explosions, approximately 6 billion years ago. For their part, the measured regions of the Milky Way would be the safest places for life, so the area where the Earth is is becoming an extremely safe place.

In this context, the specialists detailed that in the future the “extreme events” near the Earth will be less and less, which would reduce the probability of a mass extinction. “They take into account factors that people sometimes forget,” he said, noting that he found the study to be within a rigorous framework and had “realistic expectations,” said Steven Desch, an astrophysicist at the Arizona State University.

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