Spinoff ‘The Ancient Magus Bride’ will go on hiatus

the manga The Historic Magus Bride – Psalm 75: Lightning Jack and the Fairy Incident (Mahō Tsukai no Yome Shihen.75: Inazuma Jack to Yōsei Jiken), by Yū Godai and Mako Oikawa, will go on hiatus attributable to Oikawa being sick. The work, revealed on the Manga Doa app, is a by-product of the manga The Historic Magus’ Bride, by Kore Yamazaki, which was launched in 2019. There is no such thing as a return date but.

Seven Seas Leisure, which publishes the manga in English, describes the story as:

“Born of fairies, Jack Flash and his brother Larry, born in humans, run a detective agency in New York City that specializes in crimes committed on the hazy border between the human and fairy realms. They never expected to receive a letter from an ancient Old World wizard, but Echos, the dragon caretaker, has a task for them.”

Godai and Oikawa launched the spinoff on Manga Doa in April 2019 and Magazine Jardim publishes the compiled volumes of the manga. (through ANN).

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