Splitsvilla 14 winner final leaked, Name 2023, Prize Money

Every year there are many reality TV shows that keep the viewers engaged with them. MTV Splitsvilla 14 is one such reality show that keeps most youngsters busy watching. This is an Indian TV dating reality show on MTV India. Every season is hot, the concept is the same, only some changes have been made, but this time the host has also changed. Throughout its release, the show has entertained viewers, and people have shown a lot of love for it.

We’ve all witnessed many dynamic changes in this reality show, but now is the time to determine the winner of the show. The show wraps up next week and we’ll determine the winner of the show. The competition was so intense that it was difficult for the audience to predict the winner’s name. The first episode of the show airs on November 12, 2022. Previous seasons of the youth-oriented show have been stellar, inspiring creators to develop new seasons. The program for the 14th edition was also very exciting, with the ups and downs of the contestants, who did a great job of keeping the audience’s interest until the finale.

Not only the participants, but the hosts also captivate the audience equally with their excellent facilitation skills. This season of Splitsvilla 14 is hosted by Bollywood actress Sunny Leone and renowned TV actor and presenter Arjun Bijlani. Before Arjun, the first few seasons of the reality show were hosted by Rannvijay Singha and Nikhil Chinapa. Arjun replaced Rannvijay in 2022, people loved his hosting but still miss Rannvijay. He co-hosted the show with Sunny from season 7 to 13, but this year he couldn’t be together due to a previous work project and Arjun took over the role.

The show airs Saturdays and Sundays around 7 p.m. on MTV, and people can watch the first few episodes of the season on Voot. The journey of this season starts with 21 participants (10 boys and 11 girls) and the theme of this season is ‘Pyaar Samandar Par’. As anyone who has watched the show knows, there are two separate islands for boys and girls. The name of the girls’ island is “Venus Island”, and the name of the boys’ island is “Mars Island”. However, after a few episodes, the boys moved to Girls’ Island, and the fierce competition began.

The 14th edition of the show featured 28 entrants plus some wild card entrants, 15 of whom were eliminated. A total of 3 couples are still on the show vying for titles and trophies. The finalists were Hamid Barkzi, Akashlina Chandra, Kashish Pundir, Justin D’Cruz, Sakshi Shrivas and Soundous Moufakir. These players are all serious contenders for the trophy, and it’s hard to predict who the winner will be. However, many fans thought either Cash or Hamid would lift the trophy.

Kashish has already won the tour and Hamid is also competing against him on this show. The duo is also a strong contender and both have the potential to lift the trophy, but we can’t ignore the winning ability of Justin and Sakhi, who know they can turn the tables and lift the trophy. Yes, you read that right, Saksh and Justin can be champions this season and they have what it takes to lift the trophy. Fans of both candidates are in their prayers and want to celebrate their victories. Wikipedia already lists them as the winners of the show, noting Kashish and Akashlina as runners up. We were initially confused as well, after fact checking we learned that the show’s finale will air on Saturday, February 11, 2023, which means no one has been a winner of the show so far.