Stacy Arthur dead and obituary, Where is James Arthur’s Wife Today?

After Stacy Arthur was chosen as the Playmate of the Month for the magazine ‘Playboy,’ she unknowingly became a walking celebrity target. A short time after that, her husband James Arthur was murdered by one of her admirers. Stacy Arthur had no idea that she had been put in danger when she picked up the 900 phone line at ‘Playboy.’ The murderer James Lindberg killed himself after committing his crimes. A TV show called The Playboy Murders: All That Glitters explores the case and shows how he ended his life. If you want to learn more about Stacy now, we have your back.

Who is Stacy Arthur?

MRandom News Stacy Arthur dead and obituary, Where is James Arthur’s Wife Today?

At a young age, Stacy Arthur discovered her passion for modeling through growing up in a close-knit family. Her family members supported her decision to pursue modeling and soon started seeing her succeed in the business. For some time, Arthur worked as a model after participating in several pageants. In 1990, Ohio native James Arthur was already married to the mother of his child. He appeared to be very supportive of her endeavor.

In 1990, Stacy was chosen as the Mrs. Ohio title holder after demonstrating her artistic talent. She had been datingPlayboy at the time, which is why she was chosen as Playmate of the Month for January 1991. After achieving great success, Stacy joined the 900 phone line of the adult entertainment magazine ‘Playboy.’ To use this service, participants pay $3 per minute to speak with her. James Lindberg, a California resident who was apparently very respectful in his behavior, happened to meet Stacy through this connection.

Lindberg seemed enamored with Stacy; however, she stated that he always respected her personal space and wished her husband the best. Additionally, Lindberg often sent his presents to Stacy and her children through the post. However, Stacy paid little attention to this as it’s common for admirers to do so. James Arthur met Lindberg in Bellefontaine, Ohio, hometown to both him and his wife Stacy. This news saddened her considerably on October 29, 1991.

When Lindberg gave James a gift for his wife, it seemed like a typical occurrence. However, there was no indication that he intended any harm when he showed up at Stacy’s apartment the next day. James’s wife soon learned that Lindberg had visited her the day before. Lindberg entered the victim’s apartment and opened fire on him immediately. James attempted to leave in his car, but Lindberg tackled him and fired two shots at close range. When James attempted to flee, Lindberg shot him in the back twice more when he tried to escape.

James had died before the police arrived. Lindberg was discovered in the parking lot with a head gunshot wound. It’s believed that the suspect had been alive when law enforcement arrived; however, he later died in a local hospital that night.