Star Jerry Douglas Dead at 88, Young and the Restless – cause of death

Soap actor Jerry Douglas (Jerry Douglas) is known for his decades of work in “Young and Restless” and he has passed away… TMZ understands. It is not yet known the cause of death and when Jerry died, but these details are expected to be announced soon.

JD has recorded nearly 900 episodes of “Young & Restless” dating back decades… He is the third actor to play John Abbott. Before the fan’s favorite character was killed in 2006, he Hosted Abbott Building and Jabot Cosmetics for 25 years. Over the years, he has appeared in many other major TV shows, including… “Cold Case”, “Melrose Square”, “Mission Impossible”, “Invincible Hulk” and “FBI.” … to name a few.

Jerry also works on the big screen, playing smaller roles in films such as “Kennedy” and “The Good Guys Wear Noir.” Douglas is 88 years old and recently celebrated his birthday with a group of former actors from “Young & Restless”. His wife, Kym Douglas (Kym Douglas) and his children survived.

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