Star Wars: Dave Filoni Named Lucasfilm Executive Creative Director

After the sequel trilogy, many fans saw an uncertain future in the series; However, with the projects of Dave filoni on Star wars, hope has returned to the followers.

How successful they have been Clone wars (since before the purchase of Disney) and The Mandalorian, have turned upside down what is the saga created by George Lucas, both have had to do Dave Filoni, who now will be in charge of the entire creative process of the saga.

The Mandalorian is one of Dave Filoni’s projects.

And it is that one of the great mistakes of the films made by Disney, it was the great creative freedom to the directors, which made many things not fit in the last trilogy and ended up being heavily criticized.

On the other hand, Filoni has sought to ensure that most things have coherence in his series, referring to other materials, although he has also had changes with respect to them.

Thus, recognizing his work Lucasfilm appointed him as executive creative director from the Disney company.

With this, the future of the saga looks encouraging for many of the fans, who see Dave Filoni as a worthy successor to George Lucas within Star Wars.