Stavros Halkias dead and obituary, Greek American stand-up comedian and podcaster – cause of death

stavros halkias is like mike love kind of, in the way that it never really seemed like he understood what made the show good. just wanted to make hits. but you need someone like that around sometimes. but I shouldn’t talk about this kind of thing anyways.

Stavros Halkias is a stand-up comedian, actor and host of the popular podcasts Cumtown and Pod Don’t Lie. He is also known for his body-positive Instagram account @Stavvybaby2.

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Stavros has appeared on Comedy Central, IFC, and the MSG Network, where he writes and performs for Emmy-nominated people talking about sports and other things. He’s sorry for the word “cum” in the first sentence of this resume.

Halkias was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, to Greek immigrant parents (a Macedonian mother and an Athenian father) and attended Baltimore Institute of Technology, a public high school where he played football. He attended the University of Maryland in Baltimore County. He explained on the Digression Sessions podcast that he was a few credits away from finishing it.

Halkias began acting comedy while attending UMBC, where he hosted a monthly comedy show. During this time, he was stationed in Washington, D.C., Maryland. and Virginia, and was named Baltimore’s New Comedian of the Year in 2012.

He later moved to New York City, where he has since made numerous radio and podcast guest appearances, and has written and performed for Adult Swim, IFC, MSG Networks People Talking Sports, and Other Stuff. He has appeared in the Comedy Central series Comedy Central Stand Up Feature, Life Fails, Sex Fails, and has appeared in other internet shorts. He has also performed at venues such as the New York Comedy Festival and has opened for shows such as Wham City, Tom Papa and Robert Kelly.

Since 2019, he has co-hosted the basketball podcast Pod Don’t Lie with Sam Morril. Prior to this podcast, he co-hosted the White Chocolate NBA Pipecast with Adam Friedland. He also hosts the Twitch series Stavvy Solve Your Problems.