Stephanie Otobo leaked videos and photos boobs twitter and reddit

Stephanie otobo has really taught me something. A girl can wholeheartedly post her nude online as far as it will tarnish someone’s image. I no go dey share nude again abeg.

The sex scandal between Stephanie Ottobo and Omega International Fire Minister and Apostle Johnson Suleiman is far from over as Stephanie attacks the priest again.

This time, the Canadian singer tweeted some photos she allegedly received during her close encounter with Sulman.

A few years ago, Ottobo accused Sulman of having sex with her, a report Sulman vehemently denied.

Ottobo later appeared at Surman’s church, admitting that the apostle never had anything to do with her, which was a trap.

The latest developments on Twitter have rekindled an old battle over her claim that Sulman actually had a relationship with her.

“This man did everything to end my life, but God is not dead. This video tells the full story of how it all happened and what happened recently. I’ll be posting a comprehensive video of everything that happened and the problem Answer.

“It was the other priests and politicians who wanted to bring him down. How come the name wasn’t mentioned? I did it just because there was so much pressure and everyone left me to suffer alone. There was no support. At that moment I had to give up to get the reinforced Opportunity,” she tweeted.

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According to Otobo, Suleman went to great lengths to stop her music career because he feared she would be influential.

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She claims Surman even poisoned her, paid her friends to frame her, and bribed some of her family members to murder her.

“He tricked me into telling me in his church in Auchi that I lied to him. Apostle Johnson Suleiman tried to use the police to silence me because I was visiting Nigeria with a song about Timaya. I paid Clarence Peters for the visuals of the song before he arrested me for refusing to obey him. He wanted me to have nothing.

“Some people have been wondering why I came out to expose Apostle Johnson Sulman and why I haven’t let go since. The truth is I never planned this. He pressed me against the wall and the only way I could protect myself was Screaming and announcing everything. The devil is smiling,” she claimed.

Otobo also released a rising tail, which she claimed was Surman’s

“If that dick photo wasn’t his, what would he say about the scar on his left thigh? His wife can’t deny the scar. If we weren’t intimate, how would I know he had a scar on his left thigh? Haha if he Denial, he should open up his thighs and let’s see. His nails say it all.

“If these screenshots are fake, how did I get non-public photos of him and why am I the first to post these types of photos of him? He’s changed his hairstyle twice since I came out to talk about receipts. He Do a lot of things to look different,” she claims.

Sulman has yet to respond to Otobo’s recent allegations against him.

Surman has received several allegations from people, but he always gets rid of them.