Steve Burns’ ‘Blue’s Clues’ Video viral trending leaked

Although Lassa’s childhood continued to overcome the problem of abandonment, Steve Burns, the original owner of “Blue Clue” at the time, abruptly left “University” in 2002, bringing us and his eccentric brother Joe, a grown man. Leave it in our hands. Lassa just wanted to say, “Thank you Steve.”

Sorry (not sorry) Gen Z, Baby Boomers and Gen X, but the millennial generation has a very difficult life. Every time things seem to get better, BOOM! Pandemic. financial crisis. war. The price of avocado toast has gone up.

We are the generation that grew up watching a plane crash into the World Trade Center in elementary school (if you are also Muslim, this part of life is really bad). We saw that our parents bought houses and then lost them.

We graduate and can’t find a job. We went to graduate school (because what else would you do after unemployment?) We graduated with huge student loan debt. We were ridiculed for buying an $ 8 avocado toast instead of a house (please tell me where to find an $ 8 house). We are living through a painful political season. When we got to what were supposed to be the “best years of life,” the universe said, “This is a pandemic.” Oh yeah, and racism. The west coast is also on fire.

The original host of “Blue Clue” Steve Burns (Steve Burns) spoke about the “sudden” departure in the emotional video.

So when the host of OG Burns’ “Blue’s Clues” decided to show up after almost 20 years just to see our performance, it’s no wonder the millennial generation collapsed at the same time.

“We started with clues, what do we do now? Student loans, work, family and some of these things are a bit difficult, y’know? I know you know,” Burns said in a video on the Nick International Children’s Channel on Twitter. . .

Now, it’s not like millennials are sitting around waiting for Steve to come back from college. To be honest, a lot of us have forgotten about Steve (sorry Steve). But at a time when the world seems to fall apart, having a beloved TV host from one of your favorite childhood shows come back and say “Hello” and say “We look great” feels like a warm hug, all. what you need.

When Stephen Colbert appeared on the “Late Night Show” on Thursday, he gave something like this. Steve doesn’t have to come back. We feel very comfortable with Joe and new host Josh Dela Cruz, who is serving the new generation of track solvers on “Blue’s Clues and You.” The sudden change of ownership and Steve’s abandonment set us up for a catastrophic life in the future.

But his return has softened our rigid appearance, which is clearly what we need so badly. He brought us back to our childhood unscathed and gave us a glimmer of hope, maybe, just maybe, everything will be okay.

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Fans on social media are also very excited.

“In the last year and a half, we’ve all felt so emotionally hurt that Steve from Blue’s Clues said, ‘I have to talk to the whole country,'” Jaylen Myers wrote on Twitter.

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